Modular planter for butterfly conservation
Industrial design
Endangered with extinction
As more breeding habitat loss and climate change significantly impacted the migratory path, monarch butterfly, which known for its annual journey of up to 4,000 kilometers across the Americas, has entered the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The population is at greatest risk of extinction having declined by an estimated 80% from 1980s to 2021.
Eclosion, a modular habitat provides user aesthetically pleasing ambience with the combination of planter and customized feature. Also, it creates a platform for children to observe the life cycle of monarch butterflies from the eggs to adults. Educating the importance of the nature lives conservation and the bad consequences of climate change.
Butterfly Conservation
Hatching from the eggs, the caterpillars can be raised in the open-spaced habitat with the host plant safely. Without the threaten of the predators and  weather, the rate of turning into butterflies is significantly increased from 3% to 90%.
Creating an open space for children to observe closely how butterflies grow from eggs to adults on the host plant, milkweed, and learn the knowledge of raising butterflies and growing the host plants to feed the caterpillar.
The forms of the different pieces of this product are inspired from the form of each stage of monarch which is egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly.
The users can customize the planter and rotate the whole pieces to create multiple versions of poetic sculptures at home or backyard.
Stackable & Rotation
The modular unit can stack together to get different shape the user can rotate the unit into different angles to get unique shape.