Self-defense kit
Industrial design
Do you feel safe walking alone on the street?
No matter boys or girls, many people feel that it is unsafe to walk alone on the street late at night. According to a study carried out by the British NGO ActionAid, 79 percent of Indian women have already experienced violence or sexual harassment while out and about in the streets.
How would you react when danger happens to you?
Interviewing 50 people randomly on the street, most people would run and then scream when they encounter any danger. Seldom of them have self defense products to fight back or protect them from being attacked.
The reason why you don't use self-defense products
Design Objectives
Spray card
Alarm card
Whistle card
Pattern & Shapes
In emergency, the users need to react in a very short time and get the right product to fight back. Through touching the difference of hole shapes and pattern on the surface, users can know which card they are holding and respond accordingly.
Color Plan
Prevent from the bias of gender and get rid of the feminine image. The neutral color of silver, gold, and graphite are selected.
Prototype/ 3D printing